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Tracy McCully

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Year: 2010

A tour of Wales with DH Tour with overnight stays in

I absolutely loved Wales! This is one of my most memorable trips.  It is such a gem and not touristy at all.  I just loved the misty meadows with sheep and the food was hearty and first time having sticky-toffee pudding!  I especially enjoyed our tour of Portmerion....a place I had never heard of before this trip. A 60's mini-series called "The Prisoner" was filmed there and they are also known for their pottery.  The seaside town of Llandudno was magical and I loved our small hotel The Can-y-Bae.  I hope I can stay there again some time.  We ended our trip in Cardiff and Cardiff Castle was really cool. Not much to look at on the outside but the interior designs are amazing.  Then it was just a 2-hour train ride to London.