Cuba Entry Requirements

Cuba Entry Requirements

Last updated June 23, 2022

Below are the entry requirements for Cuba. Please note these are fluid and can change with little notice. Please see above and note the “last updated” date. You will also find a link(s) at the bottom of the page with the most up-to-date information which we encourage you to review the week prior to travel. The following information applies to those with a Canadian passport and who are fully vaccinated. If this does not apply to you, please contact your Travel Advisor.

Most travelers from Canada with proof of full COVID-19 vaccination can enter Cuba, but there are restrictions. 


Travel is allowed with restrictions
Travellers are allowed to enter Cuba. Please check the documentation, quarantine, and/or testing requirements before travelling.
Last updated June 21, 2022

Quarantine may be required
Travellers are not required to quarantine on arrival in Cuba. Travellers who test positive for the COVID-19 test on arrival may be required to quarantine at a designated facility.

Details and exemptions
Students registered with a Cuban international school, who test positive for the test on arrival, are required to quarantine for 8 days at a quarantine center linked to their institutions and are required to take a test on day 7 after arrival.
Last updated June 21, 2022


No proof of negative pre-departure COVID-19 test results required
Travellers are not required to have a negative COVID-19 test before travelling to Cuba. 
Last updated June 21, 2022

COVID-19 test may be required on arrival
Travellers will be randomly selected to take a COVID-19 RT-PCR test on arrival in Cuba.
Last updated June 21, 2022


Visitor visa
To visit Cuba for Tourism, you require a tourist card, sometimes called a tourist visa. Check if your tour operators or airline provide a tourist card prior to arriving in Cuba. If no tourist card is provided, you can apply at the nearest Cuban consulate or embassy.
Last updated June 22, 2022


No proof of vaccination required for Cuba
Travellers are not required to present proof of vaccination to enter Cuba.
Last updated June 21, 2022

Mandatory health insurance

Travellers are required to have valid health insurance with COVID-19 coverage. If this is not possible, then they have to buy Cuban medical insurance coverage at the airport upon arrival or online before travel.
Details and exemptions
This may be included with some airline tickets, so travellers should check with their airlines.
Last updated June 21, 2022

Mandatory health declaration form

All travellers are required to complete an online form 48 hours before travelling to Cuba. After travellers complete the form, they will receive a QR code by email. Travellers are required to show an electronic or printed version of the QR code to the authorities upon arrival. Travellers unable to complete the health declaration form before arrival will have the option to fill out the printed form at the airport in Cuba.
Compete online.
Last updated June 21, 2022


Masks are mandatory in public
Travellers are recommended to wear masks in public places where it is not possible to keep a distance. Travellers are required to wear masks in medical consultations, in hospitals and on public transportation.
Last updated June 21, 2022

Health screening on arrival
Temperature screening is required for all travellers on arrival. Travellers are selected randomly for COVID-19 screening to take a sample for the study of COVID-19.
Last updated June 21, 2022


For more details visit:
• the Cuban Ministry of Public Health
• the Government of Cuba
• the Cuba Tourist Board


Please see below for returning to Canada from Cuba