The Benefits of Working at LeGrow's Travel

LeGrow's Travel Inc. has been around since 1949 but we are still a young company at heart. Each day we strive to improve ourselves and the way we do business. All of this is due to our outstanding team members. We hire and train the best staff, empowering them to give our clients excellent service and value. We do this with consistency, professionalism and a smile. It's a simple approach to business -- but it works!!

The best counsellors are friendly and caring with customers. Intuitive and imaginative -- able to uncover and realize people's true dreams. Organized and thorough -- because detail is critical. Energetic and enthusiastic, even when the chips are down -- because the busy season is hectic. They're also self motivated, yet strong team players. And above all, passionate about travel. It's people just like this who have given LeGrow's Travel Inc. its reputation as a great travel agency.

Travel Counsellor, Miramichi

Posting Date: Dec-01-2022 - Feb-28-2023 Location: Miramichi, New Brunswick

Interested in a career that will give you the opportunity to travel the world?


?  Travelled internationally with a passion for travel fueled by your first hand experience


? Practical hands-on, on-site training in travel agency booking systems to complement your travel experiences

? The chance to learn from the best, most knowledgeable Advisors in the business